Reinstall Required to fix TvOS, MacOS, iOS Apps

Below is the write-up as to what I encountered with the updates of the tvOS, iPadOS and iOS apps. ***GOOD NEWS, Deleting and reinstalling the apps fixes the issues. ***

These apps updated today. They are being used with DVR 2019.10.29.0031.

Describing tvOS 3.2.29 app, but all appear to be similarly broken.
Recordings tab only shows Recently Recorded. Clicking on any show brings up a screen with show summary and a graphic. There are no shows to click on; hence no prerecorded shows can be played in these apps.

The DVR tab shows I have 50 passes. Scheduled recordings shows ZERO recordings scheduled.

TvOS beta app 10.22.502 works fine.

TvOS app 3.2.29 diagnostics submitted.

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Just a side note, I have 1 Apple TV with Channels 3.2.29 that exhibits exactly what you describe. Another Apple TV with Channels 3.2.28 does not exhibit the issue.

You can download 3.2.30 from the App Store which fixes this bug.

There is no need to delete. As @tmm1 mentioned, just update to the latest release from the App Store.

I assume what happened here was that you deleted the app and then installed the fixed version, giving the appearance that a reinstall resolved the issue.