Relative Sort by Name

When you sort by name (like on the passes screen) it does an absolute sort based on the official title. That means an shows that starts with "the" or "a" all ended up being sorted together.

  • The Good Doctor
  • The Neighborhood
  • The Rookie
  • The Wonder Years

Allow the option to sort by removing "the" or "a" from the title.

That way The Good Doctor will sort under "G", The Neighborhood under "N", etc.

Which client are you referring to, as this was implemented a while ago. My Apple and Android apps ignore leading articles when sorting here ...

Edit: After verifying that the Library is properly sorting on all platforms, I re-read your post. The only place that articles are not omitted is when viewing the Passes by name in the web UI. (The clients display the Passes by priority only, so this doesn't apply to them.)

I suppose since the name of the Pass is not related to what content it records, you could always edit your Passes to not include the leading article in its name.