Remote access failure iPhone


I am trying to access my ChannelsDVR via iPhone LTE. I have the DVR server setup and can access when on home network. When I try to access via cellular phone I get question of home vs away. I chose away and it takes me to webpage to "authorize DVR acess" which I do. Still can not connect as I get: DVR Access Failure. Any suggestions?



I'm going to guess port 8089 isn't port-forwarded to your DVR server?


Does work in a browser?


Interesting - I checked the settings on the DVR sever and under remote access, it had my IP address for remote access IP:0 rather than IP:8089.

I restarted the computer and router - seems to be working now.

How and why did the port change from 8089 to 0? I tried restarting the DVR server first but that did not work.



I would recommend you change the DVR to manual and then add the rule on your router so it sticks. If it said 0 that means your router didn't assign 8089 correctly when the DVR requested it.


Thank you. Yes, I have forwarded port 8089 to the Channels server and everything is working well.

One question, If I wanted to setup another HDHomeRun and Channels for kids, how do I handle that as the 8089 port can not be changed.


You can setup another DVR on a different PC/NAS and add a rule for 8090 to go to that IP. Then use this for remote access: Remote DVR - AppleTV Buffer/Playback Issues