Remote access HDHR Prime? Transcode to Channels DVR

Here is my scenario. I have Comcast service at my second house with internet of 300 down/25 mbps up and a HDHomeRun Prime w/ cablecard. I'd like to be able to access the HDHomeRun Prime at my primary house with the Channels DVR setup. Knowing that some of the local channels are still Mpeg2 from Comcast (high bitrate), I believe it would be best to transcode the video to send to my primary location. Could the channels developers create a small HDHomeRun server/transcoder software/server to place at my second location that would then allow me to connect from my primary location with Channels DVR, as if it was another "Service provider"? Thoughts? Is there a way to already do this? Let me know. Thanks!

What you're describing is the Away From Home feature that is part of the DVR.

Kinda of. But I would like to have the ability to access either or from one channels interface, one location. If that makes sense?

As of right now, channels clients can only access one DVR server, correct? If the client could access more than one server (on prem, and away) then that would solve it. Otherwise I just maintain one primary server at my main home.

I mean I could just put the HDHomeRun Prime on a static IP and lock it down to just allow connections from my primary IP, but I am afraid that it will prob buffer too much, and may not have enough bandwidth. Thus making a small "hdhomerun server source" server to allow it to transcode would be cool. And all I have to do is add "Remote HDHomeRun Prime" into the sources on my channels server at the primary house. Is this something you could do?

No plans to do anything like this. You may be able to build it yourself using wallop or Telly or something like that.