Remote Access Pauses - TLS handshake error

I am at in-laws over the holidays and been accessing my Channels DVR server (TS-253A/8GB) remotely. It's been streaming OK but I have been having bouts of pauses, some long. Client both my Surface Pro & Tivo Stream 4K.

Looking at the logs, I see numerous extended periods of:

TLS handshake error from EOF

that correspond to long (1 minute type) pauses.

Anything I can do to fix the problem??

HRd to say for sure but my first guess would be loss of connectivity between the sites. What kind of upload speed do you have at home? Is the internet at the in-laws stable?

My upload bandwidth runs between 4-6mbps at my house (as measured by Channels). It's low but I am only streaming at 1mbps @ 576 and I still get the problem. At the in-laws, it's DSL - not superfast but a good 10-20mbps (speedtest). Definitely enough on both ends to support a 1Mbps stream.

Have streamed consistently well for periods of time over this connection. Also, streaming Xfinity directly has great picture with no pauses.

Connectivity issues would still be the most likely culprit in my mind. You might try setting up a continuous ping to and see if there are any signs of trouble when you have the issue. A better test would be a continuous ping to the public IP of your home connection, but it likely doesn’t respond to ping.

Yes - it does seem like a connectivity problem. Whether that is network routing, specifically, or something else in the chain isn't clear. I can ping (google) from the in-laws and I am able to login to my router remotely and ping from my router with no loss. The question is it losing packets that are going TO my router/channels DVR server? And, if so, is it between the doors or something at my door (router, server and/or HDHomeRun (if live streaming). BTW - behavior I initially noted was off of recorded content but pauses are more prevalent with live stream in general.

Played with the QOS on my router. I had already prioritized QNAP traffic for upload & defined the highest bandwidth as 4-5 Mbps. My upstream bandwidth tends to fluctuate between 4-5 mbps up to 10mbps (consequence of having internet via a cable provider). I changed the highest priority to 10Mbps so the highest range is dedicating 8-10 Mbps (more than might be available with fluctuation of available upwidth). This seems to help as I think the stream then accesses more of the peak available bandwidth thereby weathering the valleys better. Got to go to dinner with the in-laws but will do some more experiments and report results if I find anything.

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Got back from dinner and changed my streaming settings to 720/6mbps on the server and the client (Tivo Stream 4k) set to 6mbps. streaming solid. 2 TLS Errors at start but then no hiccups. So QoS settings matter.

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I am having similar issues recently with the TLS errors. Upload on the server side is 20Mbps and client is 300Mbps, so don't think it is a lack of bandwidth. Did the issue get resolved by lowering the quality?

Most of the progress I made was with tuning QOS rules on my router (server side). I had set those rules assuming reliable upstream bandwidth of 5 Mbps (even though my upstream peaked higher than that). I think what was happening is when peaks came along, the QOS was throttling the bandwidth against the 5 Mbps ceiling so I was suffering the valleys but not benefiting from the peaks. I changed my QOS to a total of 12 Mbps and the pauses were reduced significantly and,o\ outside of an occasional problem (which I attribute to upstream bandwidth) have gone away.