Remote Access SSL Cert Fail

I set up the DVR on my MacBook Pro (running Catalina). Everything works. I turned on Remote Access. Then the Request Cert spinner spins forever.

I checked the log

Generating SSL cert failed: acme: Error 403 - urn:acme:error:unauthorized - Account creation on ACMEv1 is disabled. Please upgrade your ACME client to a version that supports ACMEv2 / RFC 8555. See for details.

How do I fix this error?

I'm uploading a fix right now. Wait about 15 minutes, then click-and-hold the Check For Update button. LMK if that resolves the issue.

Build with fix is now available

That worked! Got past the error. Awesome response.

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Having the same issue. when i try to update, it says i'm up to date, but the build date is 9/23?
Do I have to be on beta?

Click and hold the button.

That did it thanks