Remote access with Fire TV stick

I just recently tried to access a remote DVR while at my primary location, and it did not work as expected.

In my primary location (California), I do not have the DVR configured for remote access. I have another DVR running in a separate house (Hawaii) that is configured for remote access. If I'm remote from both locations, remote access works as expected; it connects to my secondary DVR in Hawaii. If I want to watch the one in California, I use the web client.

I wanted to watch the Hawaiian DVR to see local coverage of hurricane Douglas while I was in my home in California. When I used the connect DVR dialog and chose "remote" it displayed a number and instructed me to go to to enter the code. I did that, and it connected me to my California (local) DVR which is not configured for remote access. I expected it to use the server-side information about which DVR to connect...

Is there a way to do this?

Any ideas on this one?

The app doesn't really deal well when both a local and remote dvr exist. It will always prefer the local dvr when present. We know this isn't ideal and plan to make improvements in this area later in the year.

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Nice, thanks.

Now, a workaround is to use the web client with Silk or Firefox on the stick, but it's impossible because of the UI and the limitations of both browsers. I posted that issue as well. As I mentioned there, it could be fixed by adding buttons, and passing the authorization string back to the interstitial page....