Remote Apple TV losing connection a lot lately

Keep getting connection lost on remote Apple TV. I submitted logs from the Apple TV and server. 86b738be-da54-4c7d-88f5-4af1c726ad64

Just did it again. Didn’t submit logs this time though.

The app just crashed on me too. Just submitted logs.

Do you have any experimental options enabled?

Yeah didn’t realized I had them turned on. Just flipped them off. Will update you and submit if it happens again. Thanks!

Just happened again. I submitted logs from the Apple TV and server.


Just happened again. Just submitted logs from the Apple TV. I was on the updated version of the app too.

Thanks for diagnostics. It appears as if the hardware transcoder may be crashing in the middle of video conversion. Does the problem also happen if you switch Transcoder on the web UI to Software?

Further investigation of your most recent diagnostics showed a possible bug in the remote streaming, so we are working on improvements there which may help or fix the problem.

Thanks for reporting this. I've gotten to the bottom of the issue and it will be fixed in the next tvOS release.


Thanks :slight_smile: glad I could help. You guys are the best!