Remote DVR access but not on 8089

How can one configure the iOS client to leverage a different external port?

Currently I have an external port forward setup: 45055 -> 8089

I've tried adding &port=45055 to the URL string, for example:<auth_code_here>&port=45055

But no luck yet, any suggestions?

Just to add to this, this link works perfectly in a browser on iOS:

https://<assumed_to be_a_uuid>

Need to talk to @maddox, hopefully there will be a configuration option in the future, until then he will need to make the change for you.

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@trakz I've manually set your external port to 45055. You should be good to go using our normal authentication routines now.

  1. Thank you! But it's not necessary if there's an option coming in the future? I'll just wait, I wasn't sure if I was doing something stupid or not!

  2. I work in infosec and my opsec hat told me not to put the "true" port in a public forum!

Can I DM you the correct port? Or better yet, I'll just wait??

There’s no current plans to make this public yet. So just dm me.

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