Remote DVR access from AppleTV 4 not staying logged in

I want to connect my AppleTV 4's Channels app to my home Channels DVR running on a mac-mini. When I tried to connect to the remote DVR, it demanded that I connect to the 57000 port on the "same network" to authorize access. I had to bring that AppleTV from its remote location to my home and perform the connection and authorization and it worked. I can also connect remotely from my iPhone. The problem with the AppleTV is that when I return it to the remote location, it demands the authorization process be repeated. Note that when I access it in the remote location, the AppleTV is tethered to my iPhone, that same iPhone can access the DVR via the Channels app.

I'm not seeing what I am doing wrong to get the AppleTV to connect to my home Channels DVR - any suggestions?

You don't have to move the Apple TV, just be on the same network as it

I guess I'm not comprehending something. The remote location is in our motorhome, we want access to the DVR at our house regardless of where we are. The only way I was able to establish the login was to do the process at our house. When you say "... just be on the same network as it" - what is the "it"? Clearly, I've misunderstood some of the terminology in the process.

Your Apple TV and phone are on the same remote network, outside your home. The phone can connect to the Apple TV on port 57000 and complete the authentication process. You do not need to be at home for this.

So "same network" just means via the Wi-Fi at your remote home, ie the same Wi-Fi that the Apple TV is on.

We know you this is more confusing that it needs to be and we want to add a simpler pincode based auth in the future.

I see what is going on, connecting to the AppleTV, I suppose since the AppleTV is tethered to the iPhone, it was not going to work. I can tether another device to the iPhone and connect it to that 57000 address.

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