Remote DVR - AppleTV Buffer/Playback Issues


Hey Gang,

Current Setup - Channels DVR on Synology multiple AppleTV4K’s on-prem and off-prem (brothers house)

Wondering if the channels traffic is sent to a channels network device for remote DVR reachability.

I’ve had great success with sharing my channels with my brother a neighborhood over with no issues until 2 weeks ago. Currently, playback won’t start or in some cases will start and just buffer over and over.

I’ve checked everything on both ends and nothing has changed. I’ve even sparked up a temp Mac DVR server with the same results. We both have symmetrical GIG at our houses.



Try running a site to site bandwidth test using


This is great! I will respond back with details.



I’m pretty positive we are the victim of Comcast pushing this traffic through their Sandvine equipment and they are limiting the traffic on this port to the end host. The latency and jitter are out of the acceptable ranges.

Any thoughts on future releases of Channels to use Manual Port’s beside 8089 without using UPnP?



To verify, you could add an additional manual port forwarding on another port, like 9098 -> dvr:8089 and then visit to try the speedtest again


yep, 100% better results. 20ms now and 2.55ms Jitter when it was 70ms and 80ms Jitter on port 8089. I won’t be able to specify the port on the remote end outside of a browser though.


I assume it’s an Apple TV on the other side?

There’s a trick to changing the port:

  1. click logout from remote dvr
  2. click login to remote dvr
  3. copy url into browser, but don’t hit enter yet
  4. leave the apple tv app
  5. hit enter in browser, login to community account
  6. browser will redirect to appletv:57000/… but show an error page because app isn’t running
  7. launch apple tv app again
  8. change the port=8089 in the url to the port you want and hit enter

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An easier version might be to simply right click copy URL on the Authorize button, and then change the port before using it.


going to give it a shot, thanks for all the help. I will report back.



tmm1 - just responding to confirm this is working and appreciate the workaround. Stinks he has to do this for 3 AppleTV’s.

Something you can add to the beta program for future testing on the server side?



It also works if you follow the normal steps, once you get to the “success” webpage then change the port number in the URL and hit enter, you’ll get another success page and this time the app will connect.


Jeff (or anyone else) would you mind giving me more detailed instructions on how you setup the remote AppleTV and how you used a different port? Thank you.