Remote DVR documentation and enhancement request

Would be nice to have a FAQ on how to use, or a Pro Tip video. Been reading up on how to use an alternate port number, reason for the above request, would save some forum searching time.

I realize we won't get an alternate port number for the DVR, but if the router port redirects Channels DVR port 8089 to one of our choosing (using 9000 as an example here), would it be possible to store that alternate port 9000 in the DVR settings, not to change the port on the DVR, but to be used for uPnP router port redirection and ALSO to be picked up by the clients to modify the URL port used for authentication?

Would like to try remote access, but reading through all the forumn posts takes a lot of time and offers conflicting, confusing advice.

I would use it sporadically, maybe every couple months at most.

What is unclear is how to do this with different clients.

AppleTV, iOS, browsers (and on what OS), etc.

Not having some clients, I don't even know if they offer a browser (I know iOS offers Safari, many OS's offer a choice like Chrome/Safari/Mozilla/etc.)

Since the port is hard coded, how does one use various clients to connect remotely using an alternate port and what is the procedure (i.e. do something locally before being remote to make it work)?

Opportunity for a FAQ here. (at least for me)

Turn on remote access on the web UI

Switch port forwarding from Auto to Manual. This will turn off port forwarding and let you setup rules as you wish.

Setup a port forward on your router with your preferred port to your dvr IP. For example tcp port 9090 ->

Open on any browser, then change the url that it shows from 8089 to 9090

For the apps, click Connect to DVR > Away from Home. On the login screen, right click copy url on the authorize button. Paste the url in the browser bar and change 8089 to 9090

Will try tomorrow. Please add this to your Technical FAQ's for future reference when I forget this in 6 months :wink:

For the apps, (specifically iOS), is this still an option? No longer seeing an 'authorize' button in the app, just a 'login' button that opens a web browser that passes an auth token back to the app. Not seeing any place in that URL that references the specific URL to the DVR, ex - (or other tcp port), where a different TCP port can be referenced. If using the DVR URL in a browser, that still works fine, just not seeing a way to modify the URL back to the app any longer. Thanks.

If you need a custom port, DM the port and I'll add it for you.

I would also like this so I can use Traefik reverse proxy on port 443. Using official docker image. Client is tvOS 14. Ability to publish a custom SSL domain/port to cloud (like Plex) for remote access would be a plus!