Remote DVR?


I swore this worked before. We’re on vacation and I brought my Apple TV.
I got the hotel network guys to allow the Apple TV to connect to wireless and other apps work fine,
I open Channels, open settings
Click Connect to Channels DVR
Click Away from Home
It gives me the url to connect to but my laptop, iPad, iPhone, etc can’t connect to it.

All the devices are in the same /19 network but I can only assume they have some vlan isolation going on, which would make sense to have in a big place like this.

Is there an alternative way to connect my Apple TV to my DVR at home ?

Channels works perfectly on the iPad and iPhone btw so that’s our temp work around.


The problem is that most hotel networks don't allow peer to peer connections, so your other devices cannot access the Apple TV ip.

If you can tether your Apple TV you may be able to get through the login that way and then switch back to hotel network after.


That worked - setup a personal hotspot on the iPhone and got to it that way. Thanks!

It would be nice if the option was there to do this with an auth code like some other apps use.