Remote functionality doesn't control ATV

When I select a channel within the iOS app and choose to watch on my ATV, the channel doesn’t change as expected. Not sure if this is because my ATV is running the latest beta of tvOS 11, while my iOS device is on 10.3.3?

Are they not compatible with each other?

Actually, just tried this on my iOS 11 device and it doesn’t work either…

There were changes on the iOS beta that require the ATV beta version. Changes were made to allow you to playback recordings on your ATV just like you do your channels.

The Apple TV app was made backwards compatible so that it could respond to the new message as well as the old message for playing a channel, though the iOS app only sends the new style message, so you’d need the new ATV version for it to work.

I’ll fix this up, thanks.

This is fixed in the beta that just rolled out.