Remote Local FOX channel?

I hope I have this in the right category...

I have, I have channels DVR all setup and working great and I am pulling in by local channels with HDhomerun and a external antenna. We are located in Colorado Springs and I have a friend who is at the base of Cheyenne Mt is using channels dvr as well but at their location they are unable to get the local FOX across their external antenna and since allot of football comes across the local FOX channel they missed out on some of the games this season.

So here is the question... Is there any way possible to setup something on my side to allow them to connect and just get the single local FOX channel?


I don't think you're going to find a way to do this through Channels. SOME local channels are available via TV Everywhere. But they would need a subscription to their local cable provider or some streaming service. And even then, it is probably unlikely it will be available.

Channels does not provide a waying of content, and there are profiles. The only thing you could do would be to give them your personal credentials and let them log in to your server remotely. But that is probably not what you want.

Thanks Mike, yeah I don't want them to have access to my account and I did check TV Everywhere local channels for them but we only get CBS and ABC here, it shows fox but it indicates Logged Off or something like that. I didn't know if setting up some kind of stream with another app that connects to the HDhomerun and then produce a m3u link but that is over my head :).

Thanks for the reply.

Check Fox again later in the day. The Fox feed you are getting is only the national feed which is only in prime time or parts of weekends. When the local station is showing their own content, you get the "Off the air" message.

Gotcha, would the college football be listed as local or national?

Thanks but I have figured out how to accomplish this with port forwarding to the HDhomerun IP:5004/auto/vchannel##