Remote shortcut “library and “guide”focus bug

Something shifted with the TVOS Ui with the library and guide focus when using the remote shortcuts.

The shortcut jumps to the library (or guide) but the focus is on the left menu instead of the actual library (or guide). I.e. You have to hit enter to get into to the library in order to browse items. (See picture)

In the past, I have always used the right arrow to jump right into the the library (guide) when the focus was on the left margin, and then use the arrow keys to navigate. Now there is an extra enter needed.

This doesnt always happen.

To duplicate the bug/feature:

1: go into the guide
2: navigate with left button until you are in the lefthand menu focus shown in picture.
3: hit shortcut to go to the library.

If you hit the right arrow now you get TVOS audible responses as if your navigating the library. You are “stuck” in this mode until you hit enter,
I never remember seeing this and its especially noticeable because i have a lot of muscle memory with the UI.
The “guide” shortcut gets “stuck” as well and you have to explicitly hit enter before being able to use the guide, instead of just navigating with arrow keys.

Ive never noticed this behavior before , but im getting old so im hesitant to label this a bug (lol)

If it isnt a bug, can we have a feature request on the UI to jump directly to the navigation window without having to have the extra “enter” ?

Yes it's a long standing bug

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