Remote streaming uses Additional tuner?

I noticed that if I am watching a Channel and then connect to the same channel using remote streaming it uses 2 tuners even though tuner sharing is on.... Is this the way it works ?

Are the tuner priorities and favorites the same on the client devices? Sounds like one device may be requesting the channel from a different tuner.

Priorities are exactly the same.

I did the same test and channel on EMBY and it only used 1 tuner.

One thing I do notice When I startup the Android Channels app on my phone 4G the tuner sharing option is not there. When I start it on WFI the tuners sharing option is there.

Cellular connections are always remote connections. Remote connections are always using tuner sharing, so the option isn't there.

Is tuner sharing enabled on the other non-iPhone client, too?

yes it is just not working as designed. This is Android ecosystem ... Samsung note 9 ... Prime/OTA Tuners. Easy to reproduce I am sure Android developers will reproduce.

Please email [email protected] with your DVR logs and give us an approximate time of when this happened. Something unusual is going on.

I sent the logs started around 18:16 on ...... Channel 744 CNN

Thanks! This is helpful in tracking it down. I'll get back to you when I know more.

The short-term fix is to make sure that the Tuner Priority on your server and all of your client devices is set to the same order.

Longer term we are evaluating if we should change the logic to handle the case where they don't.

Ok will try that,

That works Eric I will set them that way no problem thanks for your quick response.

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Just an FYI this happens even when using the local network all devices must have the same tuner priority or it will use additional tuners.

Can you try the latest pre-release? It should share tuners now even if the priorities do not match.

Yes will let you know

If You mean this release it is not working ....

Up to date!

After further testing it appears to not be working.

2020/03/24 13:45:26.344368 [TNR] Opened connection to 13147C7B/0 for ch745 HLNHD [transcode=none]
2020/03/24 13:45:51.595092 [TNR] Opened connection to 131A192A/2 for ch745 HLNHD [transcode=none]

press and HOLD the update button for 3 secs.

That is the latest update... I already have it installed not working still using multiple tuners.

mmm. I just tried it my self. Play 11.1 on my Shield, then tune to that same channel on my Pixel 3 on my home wifi, tuner share is on in the app, and it does use a second tuner.

Not a big deal for me though, I very rarely use my phone to watch, even less remotely, and my HDHR Quarto has 4 tuners.

But I would expect the Tuner share feature to work when enabled.

This appears to be fixed now I tested locally and remotely and only 1 tuner is used when viewing same channel regardless of tuner priority.


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