Remote Viewing Intermittant

I am recently having intermittent remote viewing connection errors with both recorded content and TVE/HD Homerun sources, Everything on the home network works flawlessly. I am using Nvidia Sheild Pro as my server with lastest Pre-Release 2024.02.08.0626, nothing has recently changed with any part of my DVR setup

Remote viewing (Android Phone Client) of recorded content is mainly giving me the "Connection Lost Recording not found (-13) " error message
Live Content sometimes works, when it doesnt work, i get "The connection to the Channels DVR Servier had a problem. Press play to try again (Tuner Unreachable)

Everything is set to Original Quality and Direct, I have tried switching to Stream with no noticable changes

Submitted logs ec02d769-7584-4606-bbf6-fd405f03a79d