Remote viewing random buffer


I sent an email the other day about a random stutter/buffer while watching live antenna TV remotely on my mom's ATV4K. She has 350/350 ATT fiber, I have 300/300 fiber. I don't see any of this when watching live TV at home. I tried a few different streaming quality changes and it still happened. I submitted the diagnostics after I noticed it. Any thoughts on that?

Player pauses to buffer when data is not arriving fast enough. There must be some spikes in latency. What does the dvr speedtest show?

I'll check this and get back to you.

@tmm1 What would be the best way to run the speedtest on a remote ATV? The FAQ really only applies to a client on the LAN

You can't do it to the ATV

use Channels Community to measure speed to the dvr

From anything on the remote LAN?


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You can also setup PingPlotter and see if the latency is spiking

It looks like right now in your latest Diagnostics I am not seeing very much buffering happening. It looks like there's generally a 2 second pause you're seeing soon after starting watching, but then it appears to proceed smoothly.

I see in the last session you watched, there was one 2 second pause soon before the end of the stream. It does look like your network is generally doing well. One thing I did notice is that you have picked Original quality, which will not allow for the Adaptive Bitrate system to kick in (if you set it to any of the other options, we will reduce the bitrate if needed to continue to buffer properly).

It looks like we may want to increase the amount of buffer we build up when we're buffering to prevent more buffering pauses in the future.

Can you let me know how often you're seeing this buffering per stream? Maybe the instances I'm seeing in the recent logs don't properly capture your experience.

@eric I picked original quality to keep it from transcoding because I noticed that the picture was smoother and text going across the screen wasn't fuzzy.

She sees the buffering 2-3x per 30 minute episode. Each buffer is about 2 seconds.

Let me know if I can provide you anymore data to figure out what’s going on

Your network is definitely more than capable of handling original quality. It does look like we just need to buffer for a bit longer to make sure it doesn't hit a situation where it needs to rebuffer. There was nothing in the logs to indicate any sort of transient network issue that corresponded with those buffering events.

I believe the situation was just that the amount of time between keyframes happened to be more at that moment and it meant that there was no more data for the player to play until it got the next segment.

We’ll discuss the way to make this happen most smoothly.