Remote Web Playback Buffer


Would like to request the ability to adjust how much the Web playback buffers. Right now it doesn’t buffer very much, even when i let it sit there paused, doesn’t seem to go high enough for me.

My system has plenty of power to transcode, so that isn’t an issue.

Exposing this stetting would help me be able to playback and skip commercials with no down time of having to re-buffer.


Which browser are you using?


Chrome. v65+ i belive.

In Plex I have the ability to change my buffer, so i set it to something that is better suited to my watching habits.


If you’re familiar with how to use the javascript console in Chrome, you can try this:

Hls.DefaultConfig.maxBufferLength = 300

The default seems to be 60s, and running the above command will increase it to 5min. LMK if that works.


That has worked. I ran Hls.DefaultConfig.maxBufferLength = 900, and now the buffer is going out a lot longer.

Any way to get something implemented as a setting so I don’t have to run this every time I start a new instance of my browser?


Thanks for testing. I will look into adding a setting for this.


Any update on getting this added as a setting?


Any update on this?


No update yet. It’s on my list of things to do.


I’ve added this feature to the next DVR pre-release which will be available shortly. You can update to it by holding down SHIFT and clicking Check for Updates.


Thanks, i just now went in and looked for the setting and see it in there.
Too bad it only goes up to 15 minutes. But that should work just fine.
Thanks for adding this feature. I really appreciate it.