Remotely connected AppleTV connections issues


I have an AppleTV set up in a remote location (vacation home) that is having regular and random connection issues.

Let me start with what DOES work in that remote location. Even when the AppleTV is having issues, other devices (iPhones, and Mac laptops) are able to connect to the remote DVR without issue, both through the Channels DVR app on those devices as well as through a web browser.

Additionally, when that particular AppleTV has issues, tests with iOS devices using a cellular connection also work just fine.

Now for the AppleTV. As I recall initial setup went fine. However, for a couple months or more now, the AppleTV will randomly lose its connection to the Remote DVR presenting the user with the default screen prompting the user to Connect to Remote DVR. Attempting to do so will often NOT work and even as multiple failed attempts are going on those other devices I mentioned will have no problem connecting right up.

Then randomly it'll be able to connect to the Remote DVR again, and it begins working again for a while until it decides to dump again.

The AppleTV was connected via WiFi to a base station only a few feet away. Thinking it may be a WiFi issue it was then connected via ethernet. However, the problems have continued.

I know the AppleTV has not lost a network or internet connection because other apps/services work just fine while the Channels DVR continues to say it's unable to connect to the remote dvr.

I will try to attach a photo of the default screen to which i am referring.

thanks for any help!


Can you click the top right support button and select submit diagnostics


my brother is at that house now and said he did do that but doesn't recall what it did. not sure if he means this evening or on a different day all together. sorry for the vague response.

what should he see happen if/when he clicks that?


i take that back. he just texted and said he just did it again since i asked about it. says it told him "OK" and that was it


Thanks. One issue is the app is still trying to connect to a DVR at since that was manually entered at one point.

Either click Connect > At Home and enter a blank IP, or delete/reinstall the app.

For the remote connection, the log shows "The request timed out." which would indicate some sort of network issue. Strange though if other devices can connect just fine..


thanks. i'll have him give it a shot


On the DVR server side, I would set the DVR to manual under remote access and add the port forward manually. Add a static dhcp reservation for the DVR PC/NAS if you haven't already.


well, he said he deleted the app, and still having the problem.

i'll have to take a look at it i guess the next time at the house