Removal of Custom Channels Source Is Not A Complete/Full Removal

This has been mentioned a few times in other threads but not straight out as a bug report that I can tell.

If creating a Custom Channels source, if you remove that source, and later create a new Custom Channels source with the same name, some of the first setup bleeds through to the new source. This is repeatable. It is also a reason why some of us here when helping people with custom channels problems always tell people to use a new source name.

In this test I used Frndly as I am very familiar with how to set it up. In reconfirming this issue I created a Custom Channels source named tagme. I used a Frndly source URL and for XMLTV the Frndly http://host:8183/playlist.m3u8?gracenote=include. It setup properly with no problems. I remove the tagme source. I then add a source again, still called tagme. This time I use a text source for accuweather and I do not provide an xmltv link. When going to edit settings it shows the text source data but the xmltv link (which I left empty) is now filled in with the Frndly link I used in the original. I remove the xmltv link, leave blank and hit save. I go back to edit setting and the Frndly link is still there. So I remove the tagme source again. Just to confirm it is not the computer or the browser, I go to a completely different computer, using a different OS, using a different browser. I setup another source still called tagme. I do another text source and leave the xmltv link blank. I go to edit settings. The xmltv link data is filled in again with the Frndly link even though no link was provided, it is a completely different computer, different OS and a different browser.

Anyway, this has been going on for as long as I can remember. I know some others have experience this issue too. Just wanted to make a formal bug report on it and outline the steps I used to reproduce.

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What exactly?

Agree it's a bug

Workaround I use before removing an M3U source.

Unfavorite any favorite channels and Enable any disabled channels

Edit Settings

Make sure source is Text and has only this line

Delete any XMLTV Guide Data url

Now remove it

There's also the issue selecting sources in the Live TV Guide.
If you have more than one M3U source, selecting any one of the M3U sources displays them all in the guide. This appears to happen with those using gracenote EPG via stationID's.

Well the xmltv link sticking around as I described above.

Okay fixed

Forgot to mention if you don't do these steps, they stick aound in /settings after the source is removed.

I tried the same test I used in the OP using 2022.08.21.1619. I added a new source, this time called Waco. Used the Frndly source url. Used the Frndly xmltv url. Setup correctly. Removed the Waco source. I then went to a different machine using different browser. Added a source called Waco again. Used an accuweather text source. No xmltv url entered. Setup. Went to settings. The frndly xmltv url was there again. So issue still exists.

Please submit diagnostics from the DVR and we’ll check it out.

I ran the same tests I did previously, except this times the source name was erictmm1. Same result of the xmltv link being filled by the previously removed same named source. Diags submitted immediately f624858d-80ec-467b-9ca9-57c16771c10f. I am adding the same named source the second time on a different computer to rule out any browser side form autofill possibly.

Can you remove the source and submit diagnostics again?

ok, removed and new diags sent. 0d117e4c-113d-4d38-8c54-f4ca23737431

Fixed in next build. It will forget favs/hidden too now.


Awesome. Confirmed. Both xmltv and fav/hidden removed.

Great. Thanks for starting the topic and the diagnostics