Remove local movies added to channels database?

How do you remove local movies files from Channels without deleting the movie files?

No way to do this at the moment while the Local Content feature is still in beta

Curious. If you remove the "folder" does that remove all the movies in that folder from the database?

I currently have 2 folders being monitor my Channels. I assumed if I just deleted the folder they would be removed from the database.

If you mean remove the folder to scan in the web UI I’ve done that. The database contents persist.

Did you remove the source shortly after adding it?

If removed while still scanning, items remain in the database due to a bug.

If you add the path, wait for the scan to complete, then remove the path, all imported recordings from that path will also be deleted from the database.

I'll give that a whirl over the next 24 hours and report back.


Re-adding the local folder to DVR and letting it fully sync, then removing it from the DVR web interface did clear out all the local content. Thanks.

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