Removing Menus from UI

Is there any chance of being able to add the ability to remove menu items from the UI?

I know that I don't use 'On Now', 'Up Next' and I would prefer to only have the 'Settings' and 'Passes' menu from the Web UI. This would allow us to get the most of out of our DVR use by making our workflow faster.

It doesn't really change anything about Channels itself, it just allows us choose which menus are important to us. This seems like a simple request and I think could help a lot of people with the way they like using their DVR.


The web UI is meant for administrative tasks, not as a primary UI for viewing. To this end, all features need to be visible.

The current 4.0 beta for the clients does allow for some customization of the "tabs/pages" that are visible in the UI. After 4.0 is released for tvOS/iOS, the features will be ported over to the Android clients.

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'The web UI is meant for administrative tasks, not as a primary UI for viewing. To this end, all features need to be visible.'


What I'm saying is that it would be useful to only have the WebUI for admin menus rather than the ClientUI.

I am using an Nvidia Shield and would like to remove certain menus that are not useful to me from the client side, while maintaining the ability to use those menus from the WebUI.

The AppleTV beta has that ability. When that beta is done it will be brought over to the Android side.

Are you asking to have the web UI in the Android app?


ClientUI - Remove menus as you see fit. That's it.

As mentioned this is available in the iOS/tvOS 4.0 beta.

Would love it for Android, Maddox.

Hopefully you guys will get a chance to get around to it more sooner than later.

They have stated many times that they will eventually bring the same features to other clients, including Android.

Count me amongst the people who didn’t hear the many times before, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked.

It’s also worth trying to get a timeframe for a product I’m paying for to see if I will continue paying for it.

If it doesn't have what you want now, you can stop paying for it. And continue later if things are developed that you like. But I wouldn't continually pay for something in the hopes that it will become something different.

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I doubt that is the purpose of the 'feature request' section. Nevertheless, this question has been answered twice. They are beta-testing the exact feature requested and it will be integrated at some point.

It's always best to purchase products based upon what they do now. Purchasing for a feature that might appear is a fool's errand, as things can easily change. (If I bought a subscription 5 years ago for SD's DVR based upon their promise for DRM recording, I'd still be out of luck ...)

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While I agree whole heartedly, SD still hasn't charged for that DVR service after the first yearly payment of 35 bucks or whatever it was.

You shouldn't speak that way because it makes you look entitled and that you ride high-horse. :wink:

Anyway, as I said earlier, it will come to Android after the new Apple version is released. There is no announced timeframe.