Repeat Play Loop

I have a number of slideshows that I play on a repeating loop when the occasion warrants it. I would love to be able to add them into the Channels Library and play them on a hands-free loop from within the Channels UI. Would that be possible?

Yes you can make a Virtual Channel

Continuous loop of a video can be done through a Virtual Channel? I'm not sure I completely understood how I would take advantage of Virtual Channels, so I hadn't looked too far into it. I'll check it if for just this one reason.

Yes, each virtual channel plays 24/7 using the content you specify.

Channels does not have a repeat feature for playback (which isn’t something most media center-ish software have). But Virtual Channels are designed to play back media foreverr, like a live channel.

So, if you were to add a single video to a virtual channel, it would essentially just schedule the same video over and over and play itself over and over, as that’s the design of Virtual Channels.

This is essentially a hack, but it would get you what you want.

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