Replacing HDHR should I delete the old Provider

My HDHR died, I have returned it, and they are sending a replacement.

  1. Should I "Remove Provider" under the gear icon in the web UI for the old HDHR now?
    I see that it references the "name" of the current old returned HDHR.
  2. After I set up the new HDHR will Channels DVR server automatically find it and add it in as a Provider?
    Or do I have to add it, force it manually somehow... How if so.
    I see this on the web: But this may be only for first-time setup of the server.
    Channels uses automatic discovery to find your Channels DVR Server and HDHomeRun.
    Thanks for any guidance.
    By the way, MANY thanks to the developers of this great app, for the Experimental Locals.
    I still have all my locals !! except for PBS, and Fox is prime-time only, not a big loss.

Yes remove provider for now and then setup the new tuner with a provider when it arrives (basically just enter the zip code).