Request: current air date in advanced passes?

Right now, it's possible to filter on Time or OriginalDate. I wish there was also a filter for Date (or CurrentDate).

That would be very useful to filter Hallmark's Christmas in July movies that will air from July 9 through July 30. That would make my wife happy. :yum:

Does "Time CONTAINS July" not work? I have passes with "Time CONTAINS Sunday" that work fine.

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Thank you for this suggestion. I didn't even think of trying this because I thought "Time" was literally for the time and not date.

I just tried now but it doesn't work for my needs because I would need a filter like this:
Time > 07/08/2021
Time < 07/31/2021

But it seems that with Time, you can only select either CONTAINS or EXCLUDES.

I also tried:
(since air dates are listed as "Friday, 07/02/2021 at 8:00 PM" for example)

In both cases, that returns 0 airings (without this Time filter, it now has 10 airings).

I'm willing to try other tags if you have other suggestions.

I've got one that might work for you:

  • Channel == 6090 (or whichever channel you get for Hallmark)
  • Categories == Movie
  • Genres == Holiday

If you want to ensure to get all of them, then you might see about changing Channel == 6090 to:

  • Channel CONTAINS 6090 (for Hallmark)
  • Channel CONTAINS 6091 (for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)

That way to get absolutely everything.


Why not original date >= 7/1/2021 ? You would have to purge that pass in August, but if you're like most of us who maintain Hallmark passes, you'll do it on 8/1 at 12:00:01 AM, with a smile :slight_smile:

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Because most (all?) of them are not new. They are replays of previously aired Christmas movies.

Ah, yes - the only thing worse than a crappy movie is an OLD crappy movie :slight_smile:

And none of them are "new" really - only so many times you can watch an animal/cooking/etc-loving secret hedge fund heir fall in love with the strangely single attractive 30-40something woman. Sigh.

How about Summary contains Christmas.... or Title Contains Christmas. You add as many keywords as you like,

Channel == 718

Categories == Movie

Summary CONTAINS Christmas
Summary CONTAINS Santa

Channel == 718

Categories == Movie

Title CONTAINS Christmas
Title CONTAINS Santa

Thank you all for the suggestions.

After further review, it doesn't actually matter whether it will be in July or not. They air Christmas movies anyway but will start airing more of them in July.

I'm using a pass as described by @racameron above with channel, categories, and genres. :+1:
That will do it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Since Channels keeps track of recordings, I don't have to worry about recording the same movie more than once.

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That's a good idea. :slightly_smiling_face:
However, sometimes, the words "Christmas" or "Santa" are not mentioned in the summary even though they are Christmas movies. So that would not catch all of them. :wink:

There doesn't seem to be an ideal pass for this but the closest one is by recording holiday movies.

Having said all that, I think it would still be a good option to be able to filter on the current air date.

Maybe if @tmm1 or @maddox is bored one weekend. :wink::grin: