Request: DVR Pre-Release Notes

General Request and I apologize if this is an over ask.

I saw a lot of Pre-Releases launched this weekend. Is there any way to see more details when a Pre-Release is launched so I can decide if the update is needed or not? For instance if there was a TVE issue with a specific channel or provider so a new Pre-Release version was pushed to correct the issue?

The updates are nice but more detail would be helpful in knowing if the latest pre-release is relevant to my set up or might impact whatever I am watching or recording that day/week.


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Thanks maddox, in particular I was speaking of updates like this:




TVE improvements

**But no real mention of what Triggered the TVE improvements or what was improved.


If we were going to be more detailed about it, then we would have. These are general improvements that happen nightly.

Thanks @maddox, I apologize if I offended you.