DVR Pre-Release Notes

This is the Channels DVR Server pre-release release notes thread.

As pre-releases are published, their notes will be posted here. Follow along to see what has changed.


New: Watch live TV and recordings in a full width video player with the new option in the watch modal

Improved: UHD Sporting events are highlighted in the sport section of On Later
Improved: Specials have their own row at the root of On Later
Improved: Library Visibility is now available in Smart Rules

Improved: Web video player now has hot keys for controlling playback from the keyboard

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NEW: Tags were added to the Smart Rule editor


• IMPROVED: Better support for local stations via TVE

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• IMPROVED: Better support for local stations via TVE


• IMPROVED: Support for local stations via TVE


• NEW: Support for sorting Library Collections by name or date


• FIXED: Custom sorting of Library Collections was broken in last build


Improved: You can no longer remove content from a collection via the Collections picker if it was added to via a Smart Rule


• IMPROVED: Support for locals via TVE and guide data matching


• IMPROVED: Search for HDHR devices after IP address changes
• IMPROVED: Import movies with recorded timestamp at end of filename
• IMPROVED: Sort virtual channels by episodes in order across shows


• FIXED: Labels were not working on pluto and other xmltv recordings
• FIXED: Animal Planet TVE stream was not working after recent website changes
• FIXED: Create smart rules for show collections based on year


• NEW: Added CBS News Sacramento
• FIXED: Accessibility issues on the Virtual Channels and Content Collections pages
• FIXED: Smart Rules using labels with spaces were not working in the simple rule editor
• FIXED: UI glitches on the DVR Schedule page


• IMPROVED: Improved accessibility of actionable items on Channel Collections, Library Collections, and Virtual Channels


• IMPROVED: Accessibility improvements on the Settings page for screen readers


• FIXED: Invalid Parameter errors on some TVE sources


• IMPROVED: TVE support


Improved: More sort options for Library Collections
Warning: Sort options have changed and are not backward compatible, you will need to go edit your collections’ sort value