Request for Commercial Skipping Setting


In general, I like the new automatic commercial skipping feature. However, I cannot use the feature when I watch PBS recordings because commercial detection detects nonexistent commercials within PBS programs. I often forget to change the setting to MANUALLY before starting to watch a PBS recording and to set it back to AUTOMATICALLY after I finish watching a PBS recording.

Therefore, a common scenario is that sometime after I start watching a recording. I realize that the setting is set incorrectly for the recording that I'm watching. So I have to stop watching the program, navigate to COMMERCIAL SKIPPING under SETTINGS, change the setting, navigate back to my program and resume watching.

This would be much easier if this setting could also be changed in the pull-down that I see on Apple TV, which currently only includes program info and language.

Note that I also sometimes need to do this when watching recordings of a daily 30-minute national news broadcast from CBS, NBC or ABC. These recordings have exactly 3 commercial breaks. However, commercial detection often makes mistakes. It combines the 2nd commercial break, the 3rd commercial break and the short amount of the program in between those 2 breaks into one giant commercial. When commercial detection makes this mistake, I need to turn off automatic COMMERCIAL SKIPPING for that recording. But I know whether or not there is a commercial detection error only after I start watching the recording and see the timeline. So the ability to change the COMMERCIAL SKIPPING setting when watching a recording would be very useful in this scenario as well.


In the web UI you can disable commercial detection on a per-show basis (under the Recordings tab under each show's gear drop down).


Thanks Aman. I have now turned off commercial detection on all of the shows I record from PBS. How do I remove the results of commercial detection from the episodes of these shows that I've already recorded?

Note that the feature I requested is still extremely useful when viewing recordings of the daily national news broadcasts from CBS, NBC and ABC. By default, I would want automatic commercial skipping to be enabled for these shows. However if I see from the timeline of a particular episode that it has that recurring commercial detection error, then I would want to turn off automatic commercial skipping for just that episode without spending too much time and effort stopping playback, navigating to and from SETTINGS and resuming playback.


I agree it would be very helpful to have the Commercial Skipping settings available in the swipe down menu (Apple TV) when watching a recording :+1:

  1. Do I understand correctly that to disable commercial detection you have to visit each recorded show and do this? 2. When I click the "gear" drop-down on a show under Recordings, all I see is Mark as Watched, View Details, Edit Commercials, Refresh and Delete.

N.B.: We have not, TTBOMK, experienced the problem the OP reports.


Feature Request: “Skip” Commercial Detection by Channel#/Pass

Aman, how do I proceed with episodes of these PBS shows that I've already recorded and which I will very likely want to watch again? I still need to remove the results of commercial detection from these episodes.


Choose to edit commercials for the episode, then mark everything as being a program; this ought to "remove" the commercials.


Yea using the commercial editor to fix the incorrect markings is the only workaround for now.


Problem is the commercial editor won't let you mark all blocks as show content, you have to leave at least one block marked as a commercial block.


It is tedious to have to do this on each episode. There are more than 100 of them. I can do it by leaving the very last block of the recording marked as a commercial block.


I like that fact that when "Skip Commercial" comes up I can simply tap on the MENU button of the AppleTV remote to make it go away... so I can elect to skip that commercial or not as needed.