Request : Plex Style Database

This is just an "out there" idea, but I would really like to see a Plex style database in that the app regularly scans the library folders to update recordings, etc.

I use Channels mostly for watching and recording TVE with occasional use for Live TV, but I view nearly everything in Infuse as it seems to do a better job with fast forward, rewind, etc. And I can delete the recordings from within Infuse. Unfortunately, I have to go back into Channels to delete the recording placeholder.

It would be nice if the database could update itself and recognize that these files no longer exist.

This would be a great timesaver. My Channels DVR is a Mac and it’s a lot quicker to bulk delete recordings there as opposed to my AppleTV.

You can delete the files outside of Channels, then tell Channels to remove the missing files from its database with: PUT /dvr/pruner/deleted.

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My Channels DVR is a Mac as well. How are you "bulk deleting"?

Good information thanks. I can put this to good use. I never even thought to check if it could be done.

Where are you entering this command? I do pretty much everything in the browser backend. I'd really like to see a button in the browser DVR settings to "prune" the database. But again, I'm not deleting IN Channels, but with Infuse so I don't know if Channels actually KNOWS the shows have been deleted unless of course it rescans the library.

From whatever REST client you like. For example:

curl -XPUT http://${DVR_IP}:8089/dvr/pruner/deleted


Invoke-WebRequest -Method PUT -Uri "http://${DVR_IP}:8089/dvr/pruner/deleted"