Request Pluto TV added to TV Everywhere, and Channels

I know features are on hold/standby. However, considering Pluto TV is free and comes with some amazing channels, I would think it is worthwhile to pursue Pluto TV and incorporating their channels within the Channels App, DVR, and TV Everywhere. Hope this gets added soon.

Pluto isn’t something we’re able to add.

Pluto’s content does not match up with live tv sources. We have no data to map against it for guide data.

I was just helping a friend install a Fire TV Recast DVR and antenna for live TV and was surprised that the Pluto channels were integrated into her Amazon Fire TV guide along with the locals. She didn't want a monthly fee and the extra offerings from Pluto really expanded her options. Haven't looked at Pluto too much.

Those "channels" are just "live stream" of certain shows, or re-runs...its a Live VOD style it seems that runs on their own schedule and control. Does not have any of the real and actual major network broadcast tv or cable channels.

True, lots of content there, but it is not something that would fit well into Channels DVR, imo. Its fine as it own thing and app.

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Just a little bump to chime in, I’d love integration of into the Channels UI. Even without guide data or recording, just the ability to browse those channels to watch them live, alongside the other channels I have set up via my TVE sources. Those 10 free Adult Swim channels don’t have specific guide data, either, so these wouldn’t look all that much different.


This old thread was bumped with a like, but I just wanted to say, this request is now solved by the Custom Channels feature, simply using the Pluto and Stirr URLs offered (for free) from

Discussion: Non-Docker source for PlutoTV and Stirr m3u playlists and EPG

And if a self-hosted Docker solution is preferred, check out this thread instead:


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