Request: Program Start/Stop Time Visibility

Request 1) I would find it very useful to see the start/stop time for a program somewhere in the Channels UI. I would look for such info to be provided in the program's info pane at the top of the guide.

Rationale: As I browse thru the Guide, I am unable to determine if I am about to jump into a program on-time, a few minutes late, or an >hour late. Seeing this information in the context of the Guide would be very helpful.

Similar player apps provide such detail - such as "10:00 - 11:00" for duration, some compute time remaining, numerically ("7 min") or graphically, similar to a progress bar...

Request 2) (related to (1) Further, seeing the ACTUAL program duration in the program's timeline (vs the current 1hr timeline) would be very informative.

Hope to get some feedback on these requests, and hope they'll find some traction.


Long pressing on an item in the guide or On Now brings up an info window that lists the start time and duration. Also, Apple clients display a progress bar at the bottom of the guide cell and the On Now tiles.

(I believe this addresses both of your requests.)

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Thanks racemeron,

As you note, long press provides this info, but not in a terribly user-friendly manner:

Example: "100 Min Today 10:50 PM"

I would much prefer to see something like: "10:50 - 12:30 AM, 7 Min" - similar, but different

While presenting this info in the program's info "card" is informative, it would be more useful for me to see while scrolling thru programs in the guide - readily visible without a long press.

I'm and Android user (ShieldTV), not clear if the Apple client presents a progress bar with a 60 minute duration or actual program duration.

Thanks for reading and replying!

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The bar displayed is the representation of the current position in relation to the size of the cell.

For example, when browsing the guide, if it is currently 6:45, the left-most time in the grid is 6:30, and the current cell is for a one hour program (6-7), the progress bar would span 75% of the cell because the program is 3/4s over.

…the progress bar you describe could be a nice visual que the state/progress of a program. Not seeing this on the Android TV client, unfortunately.

Maybe I should be more specific in my request....for the AndroidTV platform.


Correct. This feature is only available on Apple clients at the moment. (That is why I specified it was for Apple clients.)

Eventually all (applicable) features will make it to Android. However, the Apple ecosystem is the primary development target; it takes time to port features over to a completely different platform.

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Got it, thanks!

I moved this topic to the Channels Android TV + Feature Requests category.

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Any idea when this useful feature will be rolled out to the Android client?

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No. It will be available when it's ready.

Now available in Android beta:


Love it when someone posts about things an hour or so before they roll out :heart: