Request: View/Search by channel/genre/actor etc

I like to "search out" things and add recordings to my DVR. I would love some form of the following:

-- The ability to view a list of upcoming movies/shows on one channel, for example, choose "TCM" and see all the upcoming movies.

-- The ability to choose a genre and see all upcoming movies/shows. For example, choose "Documentaries" and see all the upcoming choices.

-- The ability to choose an actor and see all upcoming movies/shows. For example, choose "Harrison Ford" and find Indiana, Star Wars, maybe an appearance on the Tonight Show, etc.

I know some of these will depend on how much is in the guide, but even if a general search would search more than just the title, maybe that would be cool.

Thanks for the app! It is rocking my existence. :slight_smile:

Not quite what you were looking for, but all of this can be achieved with advanced passes presently. The disadvantage of passes is that it creates recording rules for matches, instead of just presenting you a list.

Since the infrastructure is already in place (and I believe the developers have already expressed an interest in implementing this), it will probably happen sooner or later.

(You can already create a pass based upon type, genre, channel, actor, director, &c.—and any combination of these conditions.)

You can pause advanced passes so they don't record, just use them for search.
Cast == Harrison Ford

Channel == 234 (your TCM channel#)
Categories == Movie

More info on advanced passes here

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Ah, I hadn't thought of pausing passes. That's a great solution.


Plus the ability to search all metadata without any filters. So searching for "wiz" will return any show where this letter combination occurs, from Wizard of Oz, to Harry Potter ("wizard is in the description), to Top Gear "testing" the G-Wiz, to anything starring Wiz Khalifa.

I used that feature all the time with Windows Media Center and it was incredibly useful in finding interesting shows (especially history and documentaries) I never knew existed.

On top, be able to view+search the full, many-paragraph, episode plot descriptions that I've been lead to believe is hiding somewhere in the metadata already.

+1 for this