Rerecording Deleted Series - Series page is gone

I deleted a series, using the web ui, and want to rerecord it. This completely removed the series page. Now Channels completely ignores the newly recorded episodes, and there is no series page at all. How do I get the series page back?

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Edit pass on web UI and under advanced enable: Re-record Deleted

Thank you very much for this response. I am using version '2024.01.08.1431', and I never technically has a "Pass" as I think I understand it. I used PlayOn home to record, and then the integration between PlayOn and channells to get Channells to incorporate the recordings. The recordings came from TV Everywhere sources, and it doesn't look like a can create a pass for shows with that ssource?

Ok you're importing content then? Not using channels to record.

How did you delete it before?

The video files are there in the directory you configured?

Yes, with the Playon integration, which from your response sounds like it's a playon thin and not a channels thing, records the videos to a folder, then channells periodically scans it and incorporates anything it finds into its media library. When that happens, it creates a series page with access to all the episodes/seasons. I can do most of the same things as a pass, like changing metadata for an episode, or even the pic representing the series, etc. It's from there that I deleted. Now when I rerecord, the files are there, but they are never acknowledged by channells again.

How did you delete them last time?

From what I'm calling the series page in the Channels admin.

Okay please submit diagnostics from your DVR and tell me the name of the show that's causing problems.

The name of the show is 'Star Trek: Deep Space 9'
Logs have been submitted as 2854f3bb-9176-4cc1-825f-62e86aa924b1

Thank you for your help

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