RESOLVED: Hulu Stream Link Issues on Android/Google TV

Just a note to anyone who has been experiencing issues with Hulu Stream Links on Android/Google TV, especially v12 or higher, that the problems have been resolved as of these beta updates:

Specifically, the following behavior is corrected:

  • Channels would claim that "You don't have an app for that" when launching Hulu Stream Links that began with https:// (Note: the Stream Link would work if it began with hulu://)

  • If Hulu was already open in the background, all the Stream Link would do is open Hulu but would not go the page or auto-play content. It would remain exactly where you last were when the app was in the foreground.

  • Excess/stray activity and logging happening while trying to launch Hulu Stream Links.

If you see my complaining about any of these issues in older threads, please disregard them and consider this the solution. Special thanks to @tmm1 for working with me in the background over the past week to get this resolved.