Restart recording an interrupted recording?

Hi. Once in a while I will be going through my program guide on my Apple TV and I'll notice that a currently recording program has stopped with "interrupted recording".

Since I notice that during the time when it should still be recording, is there any way I can restart the recording? If there is, I can't find it, but if like to know either way.

Watching college football this fall, I’ve seen this happen when I’ve lost my TVE stream (tuner becomes unavailable). The only way I’ve been able to do this is to delete the interrupted recording then manually restart the recording… this was only feasible for me when the interruption occurred early in the recording. If there is another way to do this, I would appreciate additional input (I’m wondering if there could be a way for the DVR to recognize the recording is not occurring and allow the user to restart the recording a econd time).

If a TVE recording gets interrupted, Channels DVR will attempt to reconnect to the stream and continue the recording. If it can't reconnect to the stream for some reason, it gives up after a number of retries (which seem to vary based on the error). You can view this activity in the Channels DVR log.

Is there a way to search the library for all interrupted recordings?

Thinking specifically of finding/deleting/re-recording episodes for series, etc.

Channels DVR web admin UI
Settings > General > Library Database > Maintenance :gear: > Manage Recordings Database > Corrupted
Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 14-03-00 Channels Settings


If you delete episodes there, will they automatically be re-recorded?
Or do you have to go into every pass & check the box to re-record deleted episodes?



211 is a LOT of recordings to delete.
I think (never did it) if you Trash All, it moves all the recordings into the Trash where you can inspect and recover them if needed. I also think Trash All trashes everything in all of those tabs - Missing/Deleted, Corrupted, Cancelled and Delayed, so you should see what is in those other tabs.

I've been running Channels for quite some time & never looked into that "Manage Recordings Database" section before, so the 211 dates back at least 5 years.

I deleted out the missing/deleted and delayed tabs individually (that came in @ 679 recordings), so i think the trash all is only the current selected tab.

i'm going to work through the corrupted files individually (by show) as i want to make sure that anything i delete is set to re-record.

Time shifting is really my way of consuming television - i typically binge on whole series at once. Before Channels, it was SageTV - peruse the new shows coming on, then set a season pass. Watch if/when i have time, but long after the commercials have been marked.

Looks like you're correct. I created a delayed recording to test it since I already had one interrupted.