Restarting channels 3.17 on appletv 4


I’m finding that if I go out of channels hitting home button. and then go back in. there is often either a long delay or nothing happens. doing it twice results in channels loading up again. Is this the correct behaviour?

And as an aside, is there any way that scheduling could affect my energy saver prefs. In that currently my mac mini is refusing to start in the morning…just a thought.


Please be more specific. What is shown on the screen?


Ok. have checked with the mac turned off. Same situation. if you load up channels for the first time its fine. if you then hit the home button on ATV remote, then try and go back in to channels you get either…a blank screen with sound…or just a blank screen. Sometimes if you wait long enough the main page will load, but not always. Is this only happening on my system?


I’m revisiting this question as it seems to me unresolved. If I’m running channels and hit home button on atv remote, then go back into channels again I get a blank screen. If I hit the home screen again then hit channels again I get the loading logo.

Am I the only person experiencing this? It happens whether I have the dvr connected or not.


I have never seen this. Can you make a video and email it to [email protected]


So sorry this has taken so long to reply. I’m pleased to say that…in the meantime it’s stopped doing it!!