Restrict recording time on Series Pass?


Is there any way to record only X minutes of a show in a Series Pass? For example, we record the Today Show daily. It is a 2-hour show. The first hour is generally news, while the second hour is generally useless fluff. I'd love to be able to restrict the pass to record only the first hour of the show. It would sort of be the opposite of the existing Padding functionality. Rather than padding to 60 minutes after the show ends, I would want to negative-pad 60 minutes before the show ends.


I would like this feature too, or better yet, have a way to set up schedules manually for recordings. That way we could bypass relying on the guide entirely if we want to (old school).


Technically the DVR will let you schedule arbitrary recordings via the api using only time/duration/channel. However in practice the experience in the apps is terrible when no guide data is associated with the recording, because you can't find it or tell what it is that you recorded.

Negative padding has been suggested before. Feels kind of like a hack but I'm not sure if there's a better solution for this use case.


I agree that it feels a little like a hack, but only a little. :grinning: It might be useful on the front end of the recording, as well. Like, if someone wanted to skip the first half of a show and only record the second half.

Let us know if you decide to implement it. Thanks!!


If above is available, and if Series ID is added to the advanced pass then guide data would be associated, yes?

However, currently, I see no easy way to identify Series ID on Channels DVR...only in HDHR.