Resume TV from guide

Server: Asustor Nimbuster NAS running beta. Update every 48hrs.
Client: Nvidia shield pro. Video decoder set to hybrid.

I'm watching liveTV. Switch to guide. Don't see anything I want. Close guide. Then have to reload the Live TV channel instead of just "resuming" like having it in cache?. I tried pausing, Switching to guide, then resuming my channel. Still reloads live TV from scratch.

Is there a way to keep my channel in "cache" for set amount of time.

Mainly because I use WISP as is. It sucks. Takes 10-15sec to load TVE stations.

The buffer stops when you leave the video player.

If you want to browse what else is on, try using the Quick Guide. Swipe down or press down on your remote.

You have a lot of choices of what shows up in the quick guide via settings.

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Sort of. There are two options:

  1. Quick Guide – Using the Quick Guide you can see what is airing on other channels while your program plays in the background.
  2. Picture in Picture – This will allow the video to play in a small inset window while you back out into the app/system to navigate around. (It's less than optimal, and the PiP functionality is largely dependent upon how your device/OS implements it.)

Just curious, but what is "WISP?"

Wireless ISP. Think T-Mobile's home internet, or rural wireless/community ISPs. Usually cellular or satellite.

Wireless Internet Service Provider
Is a catch all. My specific case is...
A guy 20miles away purchased a fibre line. Then paid to put an antenna on a tall cell tower. Then he sells you a Ubiquitti roof antenna. You point it at him. For $99/mo you get 10mbps. No data cap. They are pretty reliable. I am waiting on starlink though.

I will try the the PiP. But I remember one issue I had a long time ago when I tried it. I would close out of Channels DVR on my Shield. The PiP would still be running. Trying to figure out how to get it to close sometimes was annoying. But that was a like 100+ betas ago.

I think quickguide usage will be my better option.

The quick guide would be much more useful if you could record what's next.

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