Return to live playback

After I rewind or pause live tv and want to resume to current live position, is there an easy way to do this?

I press fast forward but it doesn't snap to the live playhead - if I repeatedly press fast forward it seems to bounce around -10 secs and pauses etc. It's not clear I'm live unless I come out of the channel and back.

Not sure how other STBs do this but my old Sky box used to show quite a clear jump to live when being paused.

There is not a direct way, but two options are:

  1. Press-and-hold Right on the D-pad to fast-forward until you reach Live; or,
  2. Pause, and then use the touchpad to quickly scrub to the end of the buffer, then press Play to resume.

Yeah three times when we thought we’d got to the live position it’s actually taken us back to the beginning of the 90 minute or so buffer. Really weird. Anyone else had this?

Devs can we have a more obvious return to live please?

Is this while playing back remotely? This is a known issue with it bouncing back to the front of the timeline.

Cc @eric

When playing locally (not transcoded hls streaming), seeking to the front of the timeline works fine.

No this is local playback via m3u sat>ip (remote is turned off) -watching tennis and then suddenly we’re back to the beginning when we switched to the channel. We very odd. It did it multiple times. I think the play head wasn’t quite at live. Again it’s not easy to see when it is.

no it doesn't.

@alexmay the next time this happens could you record a video of the problem and submit diagnostics from the app?

You can upload the video here:

I’ve just had 90 mins of playback return to the beginning - I’m not sure exactly what happened but it was paused, and we fast forward to live and it all started again - very frustrating to scan slowly 90 mins at 2x speed!

Will try and capture a video when it happens again.

Please submit diagnostics from the app after this happens

Just sent.

So I paused the playback then fast forwarded. The play head then went to the beginning of the buffered channel.

I was actually just trying out the beta app to see if it happens and it does!

The latest beta seems to fix this, thank you!