RPi C-DVR - Something is missing

Well I've got my RPi 4 running Channels to aggregate my tuners and provide a guide. Funny enough I loaded the Channels app a few days ago while I was doing some server maintenance and I don't know what if anything was changed but it looks much better. Anyway, as designed it's mostly for TV and not so much for managing other media yet so I have Emby running on the front end and love it. Everything works. I had 6 DVR recordings going at once yesterday and the RPi was fine, as well as the Emby docker which oddly was only using about 400mb and nominal CPU.

This was all very frustrating to set up as it's not an out of the box solution, but thanks for your patience while I worked through it.

....and that's what's missing. No frustration. No grief whatsoever in fact. So am I supposed to just use this thing now? I'm bored, lol. :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:

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Beware of your storage space, though. Since the image was not designed for other uses, you may find issues when running Emby, Plex or other software via Docker. Mostly related to storage space, as the Docker containers—and therefore Emby and its database—reside on the (relatively) small root partition.

If you plan on running software beyond Channels—especially something that can have a rather large library/storage needs—your best bet is use a proper OS on your RPi.

Oh no the Emby runs on Unraid. The Docker and new recordings go to the ssd cache drives, and get moved to the array every morning. That allows the array to spin down and stay down most of the time unless it calls an older recording. I had them both on Unraid at one point but you know Dockers. I always had weirdness with the two communicating. Ever since I put CDVR on the RPi4 it's rock solid, and communicating quickly. Cron pulls the guide from it every night, and then Emby imports it right after. Works beautifully.

No I'll always leave CDVR alone on that RPi. I actually forgot to check for new builds for a week because I was busy. Not even a hiccup.

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