Run more than a single app on your NAS


Does anyone run any additional software on their NAS, other than the Channels app? I'm curious to see if Channels would take a significant hit in performance if I ran something like Plex on my NAS too. I'm running a Synology DS718+.



Channels is a pretty low-resource usage app. The same goes for Plex. (Unless you are transcoding, then resource usage will increase, depending on your hardware.)

I have a small NUC-style computer I'm using with a 4th gen Core i3 and 8GB RAM. It's running Channels, Plex, and my Unifi SDN controller. A quick view of htop showed less than a gig of RAM being used, and just a few processor spikes from a comskip process running.

Your DS718+ ought to have no problems with Channels, Plex and a few other servers eunning concurrently.


I'm running the Synology Surveillance Station on our DS218+. Only one (1) camera, so far, but I expect to end up with 4-6, total.

I'm running the NFS (Network File System) service on it, but I'm not actively using it until I get a backup in place. Then I'll probably move all our photos and videos onto it.