Running channels dvr in a proxmox vm

i have a dell T30 that has been running like a champ for quite a while now, but i just recently was gifted an additional 32GB of RAM for i now have some space to start running some additional VMs on there (previously only had 8GB, so it was pretty limited).

if i were to start a VM specifically for channels, what kind of resources should i give it? would there be any difference from the normal specs given that it's on a server and shared with other VMs? is there any downside to going with linux rather than windows?

I ended up moving mine off an ovirt cluster and onto a small dedicated box, Gigabyte Brix i7, just because the 'boss' will (DID!) moan if TV is inaccessible when I fiddle with things :slight_smile:

On the VM side, probably need to make sure you pass-through Quick Sync CPU hardware acceleration, assuming the CPU has it:


.. no experience with the Windows side of things, I use Ubuntu 18.04 with a 5.x kernel.