Same show episode recorded twice

I created an M3U feed for my other location just to be able to see what is being broadcasted there without having to go through the hassle of switching DVR servers. I have a VPN between the two DVR servers.
Jimmy Fallon episode was recorded locally and again 3 hours later via the M3U feed. Same season, same episode. I pull the EPG from the other server.
The only difference is the date since locally it was the next day. Attaching screenshots.

It's about the guide data stating it's "new". You best bet is to update your pass and select the channel to record from.

The tag 'New' should not mean: record even if already recorded.

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You need to take that up with the developers.

Does dvr schedule show two recordings in the future?

Yes, it was. Now I switched to pulling EPG directly from OTA in the ZIP code the other server is in and it doesn't

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