Samsung TV Plus for Channels

Can some one please provide custom .m3u playlist for Samsung TV Plus.
Samsung opened up its free TV streaming service to all at

How is it different from Pluto or Xumo?

It's from Samsung, as opposed to ViacomCBS (Pluto) or Comcast (Xumo).

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Ok. Is the content different?. Looks the same to me

I have no idea. They're all already owned or licensed content that they cram full of commercials. It's just another way for companies to sell your eyeballs to advertisers, by making you the product, instead of the video content.

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I've found the VICE channel to be quite interesting so I grabbed the M3U8 and made it a custom channel. Sadly i haven't found any correct Gracenote EPG data for it, since this streaming channel is different from the one found on Cable TV.

(I didn't find any other channel particularly interesting, or I already had some of them.)

#EXTINF:-1 channel-number="XXX" channel-id="Vice TV" tvg-logo="path/vice.png",VICE

And here's the white png logo:

Ran across this yesterday. Very good stream quality. They also have other services available


Thank you