Samsung TVs


Any future plans with adding Channels App to Samsung smart TVs?


There’s no current plans to create Channels apps for smart tv platforms. We’re working hard to make the apps we have as good as they can possibly be.


Sad, but you guys are doing a great job with ATV. SD Premium TV has been a great addition to my DVR.


Considering it appears Apple will be moving away from its own tv platform and making apps directly for smart tv providers, can we anticipate support for tizen soon?


See Future platforms


Cite, please?

As an aside: I wouldn't use a Samsung smart device on a bet. Where privacy and security are concerned, they're at the opposite end of the spectrum from Apple, IMO.


I concur that they are a privacy problem., but I love them. I have 2 Samsung’s, but neither have a network attached, so they are just hdmi displays and can’t be used as smart.

I pulled the network cable when I learned about Automatic content Recognition.


Oh, they make great hardware. But if the TV I eventually buy for the man cave is a Samsung, it won't be connected to the network--save for occasional firmware update checks.

Their software and privacy policies are both horrible.

I encountered that when I bought a Samsung BD player to replace our failing DVD player. I'd read of people complaining about Samsung's privacy policies on AVS Forum, so I read each and every legal document to which they referred during the setup. (There were lots of them. Some of which required one to manually enter a web address into a browser.) Got all the way through the setup (I thought) and found nothing particularly egregious. Then I went to enable streaming for NetFlix. "More agreements?!?!" I thought. Chased them down and read them. And there it was (paraphrased): "We will track everything you do, including the discs and other media you play, keep it as long as we want, and do whatever we want with the collected information, including sharing it with and selling it to anybody we want."

I don't think so. That thing was disconnected, boxed back up and went back to the store immediately.


Actually, Samsung's consumer electronics are pretty sub-par. Their components (displays, memory, chips, etc.) are great and first-rate. But when Samsung packages them into an end-user facing consumer electronic product (whether it be TV, phone, appliance, media player, etc.) there are always issues. You couldn't pay me to use Samsung devices. (Their SSDs, RAM and processors are a different story.)