Save edited commercial file for Channels use

I use the auto-skip feature for commercials and I love it. I’ve never seen anything that works so well. I had SageTV for several years awhile ago and it never worked very well.
Kudos on the great job you did with your development.

I don’t understand the purpose of edit commercials and saving them if you can’t watch the edited output. It always plays back the file as it was prior to saving it. I’ve read how you can export the .edl file for use in a different program but is their anyway to get Channels to use it?

Thanks for all you developers have done! I love your program.

If you edit the commercial in Channels DVR Web UI it will also update the EDL so what exactly is the problem you are having ?

I would like to see the edited output when I watch the video using the channels player

I no longer have any programs that will except an .edl file. I only use channels for playback.

I guess my point is why edit the file if you can’t watch it in channels?

Thanks for your quick reply.

You don't edit the EDL directly. You edit the commercials in the web UI or the iOS client, and the commercial markers are changed in Channels' database. If you have the "EDL Export" option enabled, then the sidecar EDL file is updated with modified commercial markers.


Which player device and app? There is a setting under Playback to control how commercials are skipped.

I have several ways of watching iPad 4 different Intel boxes a Mac fire stick only my Samsung tv and iPhone but just about always watch my channels dvr on my fire stick on my Samsung tv. I usually use my iPad to re-edit the commercials. When I playback the file after re-editing commercials I don’t see the changes.

Thanks again for any assistance.

I re-edit the commercials on my iPad for a given show or movie and save the changes. I watch my dvr on my fire stick on my Samsung tv. After I re-edit I want to see the changes on my tv and I don’t. It’s that simple.

I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with how I skip the commercials but for your sake I use auto-skip but I don’t think the output would be any different if I used manual-skip. It has to do I re-edit commercials for a particular show or movie, then save my changes and then play whatever I just re-edited and I don’t see the changes I made. I’ve looked at the re-edited show on my fire stick on my tv and @lso the Channels app on my iPad and it’s the same on any device I view it on.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

I would be happy to check the re-edited show on one of my 4 Intel boxes, my iPhone or my Mac if you want. But I typically don’t watch the dvr on those devices. I usually use my 4K fire stick (which has a hard wired Ethernet adapter) and the channels app on my Samsung tv. If you have any other suggestions I would be happy to try them.

Thanks again and keep up the great work you guys are doing.

If you restart the fire stick app does it show the changes?

I think I've tried that, but I'll double check and try that again just to be sure and let you know. I'll restart the app after re-edit and view then I'll also restart the firestick and view as well.


I tried closing and restarting the app. I also completely shutdown the fire stick by removing power and restarting then viewed it on my tv with the fire stick same thing. I also tried to view it on my channels app on my iPad & iPhone same thing. I tried viewing it on my Dell laptop (Windows 10 pro 16 gb ram ssd drive) using Chrome same thing. Lastly I tried viewing it on my Mac (64 gb ram ssd drive) using Safari same thing as well. I think that kind of eliminates the fire stick. All of this was done after I re-edited the commercials for a show and it doesn’t matter which show or movie, I re-edit it’s the same on all of them. I have 3 other Intel boxes PC’s if you want me to try one of those? Nothing I’ve done shows the changes I’ve made after re-edit except in the editor itself. Which I do on the sever via Safari on my iPad.

Thanks again for the suggestions

I do have one more question that is commercial related. Once in a while I get a show that has none of the commercials removed. I tried to re-edit the show and do the manual edit but I really can’t see the commercials. I also ran the re-detect and still didn’t remove anything. I’ll attach a picture of what I see when I do a manual edit.