Save recording locally

A feature request for when the iOS app is updated, but I’d love the ability to save locally optimized DVR recordings to my iPhone for when I travel. This would be similar to how Netflix or plex support it.

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This would be an awesome feature to have.

+1. I currently do this via iOS Plex, it’s a Plex Pass only feature ($5/mo.), and it’s a bit clunky: downloads tend to stall if you don’t have the Plex app in the foreground for more than a few minutes.

I would personally only do this after adding the capability to pre-optimize versions after recording; on-the-fly-transcoded content tends to use significantly more bandwidth/disk space for a given quality.

I want this too!

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What a coincidence! I started a thread about having this feature in the iOS app just this morning! As I was saying in my thread, TiVo allows for this. When I had it my wife and I utilized this frequently. Streaming DVR content when away from home is convenient, so long as you are in a place with internet and/or cellphone coverage (and with a beefy data plan). Being able to preemptively download content while under a wifi zone to view later makes traveling so much more enjoyable. Less hiccups when playing, as it is locally stored on the mobile device.

It is also worth mentioning that internal storage on current phones is now more than 32GB…much different than 5 years ago where the lowest you could go was 8GB. The resources on everybody’s devices are there! My iPhone X has 256GB…

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