Saved searches with notifications

It would be great to have a way of saving searches and being notified when new shows or movies appear that match the search criteria.

For example, save a search for 'Indiana jones' and then when it appears in the guide, you get a notification alerting you to the show.

Incidentally, it would also be great when viewing an item in the guide, for it to indicate whether it is already recorded or not.


This would be fantastic, not only for not having to remember my standard search phrases but actually getting notified about shows and movies that only airs very infrequently, or new shows where the description happens to contains a saved search phrase.

Better than that, just create an advanced pass in the web admin with those details in it. You can create queries for title or description. Then when it matches, it'll automatically record and surprise you in your library :smile:

Thanks, I’ve since discovered the advanced pass settings.

There are some issues and some feature requests that I’ve outlined here: Problems recording Hey Duggee (UK freeview)

With regards to this, the notifications and marking the guide when an item has already been recorded would be extremely helpful.


I still think notifications of some kind would be enormously beneficial. I’ve had several recordings fail for different reasons recently. I only find out after the problem has been occurring for a few days which makes the number of failed recordings way higher than if I’d known something was wrong and fixed it.

Conflict management—which I believe encompasses failed recordings—is an area the developers have identified as being quite lacking.

They've expressed an interest in improvement, but overall it is not an easy area to tackle, and requires much effort and re-engineering.